Jonathan Abrams: Cyber Security Response

Abrams is a USA corporate lawyer in London providing American lawyer legal services to businesses.

Jonathan Abrams: Cyber Security Response

July 27, 2018 Uncategorized 0

Jonathan Abrams today in the Webinar Studio with LexisNexis discussing all things “Cyber Incident Response”, from how to prepare for an attack, to the different stages of response.  

Unfortunately, it is no longer a question of if, but when a business will be affected by a cyber incident. Companies will need to consider how they will manage a security incident that impacts internal and external stakeholders. In the EU, GDPR has forced businesses to take data privacy seriously, which involves securing IT and Data.  

In other jurisdictions, such as Canada, mandatory breach notifications will be required beginning on November 2018. The world is waking up to Cyber and Data risks and as a result, planning and having a response team in place, guided by legal and communications experts is crucial.  

Keep an eye out for the full Cyber Incident Response Webinar, available on 3rd August 2018 at