Services to UK Law Firms with US Clients

Abrams is a USA corporate lawyer in London providing American lawyer legal services to businesses.

As a fully set up and insured US law firm operating in London, offering Corporate and Commercial US law services, we work with UK Solicitors as an outsourced US law provider.

UK law firms who do not have capacity or who are not insured to offer US law advice can take advantage of ABRAMS’s US Attorney experience and expertise on a range of corporate and commercial matters.

UK solicitors provide advice to their US clients (or UK clients operating in the US or embarking on a US transaction) in areas for which they have particularly strong reputations in the UK. However, where there is a knowledge or qualification gap and US legal input is required, in our experience, unless the firm has its own US office or a close association with a US-based firm, the clients will be forced to look at retaining a third party, US-based lawyer who may not be geared up to adequately servicing them from afar.

This is typically where ABRAMS is retained, to ensure seamless progression of the matter, and the receipt of a consistent service level from the UK.

As the UK solicitor-client relationship expands, the firm can provide clients with a US law point of contact – to provide clients with a greater range of legal services.

Not all UK law firms are currently able to offer US legal services through their London office. This may be due to:

  • There not being an appetite to take on an additional regulatory burden.
  • There not being any desire to acquire professional indemnity insurance to cover US legal advice.
  • There not being the appropriately skilled and experienced practitioner within the firm.
  • A non-UK law consultancy not being a priority due to a lack of consistent client instructions.
  • The economics may suggest expansion into new areas should be deferred to allow for other priorities.
  • Specialist expertise could be outsourced more cost effectively or referred without any cost at all.

Sourcing a US Lawyer in London

How can client demands for non-UK expertise best be met and how can the process of sourcing US legal expertise be simplified?

Sourcing specialist USA legal services is often handled on an ad hoc or as needed basis, usually from US law firms based across the Atlantic.

This process can be hit and miss until a good working relationship has been established and is difficult to manage where advice from a number of outside firms needs to be co-ordinated. Clients also have rapidly changing needs, requiring providers of new areas of expertise to be sourced.

If a solicitor is going to recommend another firm to its client, it needs to be entirely confident about:

  • Quality of advice to be given – it must be technically correct and commercially astute,
  • Service delivery – will the firm meet UK service delivery standards?
  • Maintaining control of the client for future UK matters (avoiding the prospect of losing future business from the client) and on the current matter, if it chooses.

How do you currently provide US services to your clients?

Some UK firms have had associations US firms, which ensured quality of advice and similar service delivery standards.

However, some of those US firms have themselves merged with other UK firms and are competing directly in the US/UK market. Clearly, due to the consolidation of the international legal market place firms must be wary of conflicts and competitive issues when making referrals.

This is where our offering to UK solicitors is welcomed.

As one of only a few select independent boutique US Law firms operating in the UK, we combine US Business Law expertise with convenience, free from possible conflict or any UK competition.

As a US commercial and corporate law specialist, we can offer high-quality advice, which can either be integrated as an agent (with your firm continuing to front the legal advice) or entirely outsourced.

ABRAMS: quality integrated and outsourced US Law support.

ABRAMS is unique in the London market.

Jonathan Abrams is a highly regarded ‘independent’ US lawyer, based in London, providing quality legal advice in a range of Corporate and Commercial areas.

Jonathan has worked both in-house (Goldman Sachs) and in private practice (Norton Rose Fulbright) and is an acknowledged US corporate law expert.

We promise that your clients will be looked after exactly as you would like them to be.

You will be kept fully informed at all stages and we will not seek to establish a relationship with your firm’s clients beyond your wishes. Our aim is to work with you and your clients to provide a high-quality, seamless service.

ABRAMS’s specialisms are listed below:

  • Agency Distribution, International Trade
  • Corporate
  • Data Protection
  • Energy & Natural Resources
  • Intellectual Property
  • Joint Ventures
  • M & A
  • Partnership
  • Tax
  • Compliance and Regulatory Matters
  • Technology, IT & online commerce

We are totally committed to building long-term relationships with the UK firms for whom we work.

Our unique support offering is designed to help you to service your clients’ needs to the highest standards.

Fees for US Legal Services

We offer a range of service types and service levels, including as an agent to UK solicitors, an Outsourced supplier.

We offer flexible fee arrangements, including hourly billing, capped fees, fixed fees and success fees (based on completion).

Our fees will always be designed to meet client needs and budget requirements and will be agreed in advance of any work.

We look forward to working with you.

If you need more information please contact:

Jonathan Abrams Esq.

Direct dial: +44 (0) 208 004 7016

Email: [email protected]